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Surface Mount Repair Tools

There have been many good examples of amateur ingenuity applied to
making leadless componant repairs posted on the BB.  If you want to 
make your repairs as easy as possible, I have some suggestions.

  The Ungar 6966C heat gun is easy to use, but at a list price of
$162.50 it may not be the first choice for most hams.  The Eazy Power
72102 at $47.50 or the Ungar 1095 heat gun at $62.96 are in a better
price range. (Prices listed in TESSCO catalog)

  The Ungar 6966C is a professional grade tool that we use in production
repair of portable radios here at Motorola in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa.  With
this heat gun and a liquid rosin (Lonco 70), we make factory quality
leadless componant repairs.  When the repair is complete, I clean the
board with isopropanol (anhydrous isopropyl alcohol).  The resulting
repair is so good that its difficult to tell the difference from the
connections made by the original oven flow, even when inspected under
a microscope!

  I don't know of a source for the liquid rosin we use in quanities of
less than a 5 gallon drum.  Rosin pens do work almost as well and are
cheap at about 4 bucks each.

  Using heat guns for leadless repairs is easy and has made my old
soldering irons almost obsolete.  The more you use the heat gun, the
more you will find out that it can replace almost every function that
the solder iron was used for.

  One of my job responsibilities is the training of production repair
operators in leadless componant repair techniques.  If you have
questions regarding leadless repair that you think I may be able to help
you with, please direct them to me at >  n8ocx@amsat.org  < Please do
not post questions on the BB unless you feel they are of interest to our
entire readership.

Brook Smith N8OCX