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Help with PacComm Modems

I have just purchased two used PacComm devices. I need some help with the
jumpers. I sent an email to PacComm about three weeks ago, but no reply. I
guess I know what kind of support to expect from them. Anyone familiar with
the insides of these units?

When they arrived from the shipper, one box had a rattle, and upon opening
the case I found a loose jumper and a loose red wire. This box is marked
Narrowband DFM TNC on the front. There are two circuit boards the smaller
is marked:
TMR Rev 1.92 S/N 21563
A chip on this board has this label:
PacComm TNC-NB96
Rel 3.2.14/DED 2.6
A plug in board is marked:

The loose red wire is soldered to WP3 on this board.

The jumpers are set as follows:
JPA   open
JPB   1-2
JPC   not equipped
JPD   no jumper
JPL   normal
JPRA  closed
JPROM not equipped
JPS   H 
JPSW  closed
JPBS  1-2
JPT 1 off
JPT 2 off
JPT 3 off
JPT 4 off
JPT 5 off
JPT 6 on
JPT 7 off
JPT 8 off

The other circuit board (larger) is marked:
PacComm DFM-SA Rev 1.4 S/N 97112
A chip on the board is labeled:
PacComm/63RUH DFM
DFM TX Rev. 1 11/91

The jumpers are set as follows:
JPD   2-3
JPROM open
JPX32 2-3
JP1   1-2
JP2   1-2
JP3   1-2
JP4   1-2
JP5   1-2
JP6   open
JP7   closed
JP8   open
JP9   2-3
JP10  open
JP11  open
JP15  no jumper
JP16  no jumper
JP17  2-3
JP18  1-2
JP20  1-2
JP21  1-2
JP22  1-2
JP23  1-2
JP24  closed
JP25  open
JP26  closed
JB2   7-8
JB3   1-2
JB10-1 R
JB10-2 L
JB10-3 R
JB10-4 R
JB10-5 R
JB10-6 R
JB10-7 R
JB10-8 R

Please tell me where to connect the red wire and where the loose jumper
should be installed.

The other box is marked PSK-1. There is one circuit board marked:
Digital Signal Systems DSS04 REV F S/N 11085
One IC is labeled:
PacComm PSK-1
Release 2.10

The jumpers are set as follows:
JP1  open
JP2  no jumper
JP3  no jumper
JP4  no jumper
JP5  open
JP6  3-4
JP9  no jumpers
JP20 5-7, 6-8
JP21 closed

As they are used I want to confirm that all jumpers in both boxes are
correctly set. I plan on using the TNC/Modem for 1200 baud terrestrial
packet, 1200 baud and 9600 baud satellite and 400 baud telemetry. The radio
will be an Yaesu FT-847 if that makes a difference to the jumper setup. Are
any EPROM or other device upgrades that I should have?

I tried to follow the manuals, but am not very familiar with packet modems
or TNCs and found the manuals very confusing.

Please email me directly as I am not currently subscribed to the AMSAT-BB
mailing list.

Thanks very much in advance!

Darrell Bellerive
email: ve7cla@amsat.org