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Re: Mir Exhibit at Wisconson Dells

Correction, this is an ACTUAL module, not a mockup.  If it ever need be
going into space, it can go.  

Apparently, the Russian Space Agency made "backups" in case something were
to go wrong with the original core module (from what I understand).  I
think crews were trained in it before going up, and the third is underwater
in Star City, Russia.  Tommy Bartlett apparently acquired it through a fire
sale at RSA.

During the first "internal spacewalk" to repair damage from the Progress
collision, CNN's Jeff Flock and Astronaut Norm Thaggard had a "webcast"
over the internet as the cosmonauts were suiting up and preparing to
de-pressurize the node that they would be conducting the spacewalk in.
They did a pretty good job of it and showed the module inside and out.

I'm surprised Norm speaks so highly of Mir, considering he was about to go
nuts just prior to him coming home and was rather testy with W5RRR the many
times I overheard him as I was DESPERATELY trying to get my first QSO on
R0MIR.  One such occasion he was notified of a delay in the launch of his
"taxi" and about blew a gasket...on 145.550!!!!

At 11:26 PM 3/29/98 +0000, chgooden@worldnet.att.net wrote:
>For those of you near, or traveling through the Wisconson Dells area 
>Tommy Bartlett Robot World an Exploratory now has a MIR Exhibit. 
>The exhibit consist of a full size mock up of the core module of the 
>MIR space station.  Apparently this is one of three mockups that 
>were made.
>I found the mockup to be quite interesting and gave me a better idea
>how cramped the MIR is. (although the mock up seems spacious) Since
>I was only really interested in the MIR, I walked past the other
>exhibits but these mainly consisted of things you would typically
>find in a science muesum (ie shadow box, tesla coil, IR images,
>ect). Cost was $8.75 USD.
>They also had a full size Sputnik hanging from the ceiling.
>The standard disclaimer applies.
>Chuck Gooden
>Rockford, Illinois
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