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AO-10 activities

3B8/DL6UAA is qrv until mid april from the qth of 3B8CF. Also Jacky had been working
Ao-10 yesterday evening.
A station signing 8J1RL - which is assigned to a Japanese Antarctic Research Station  as far as I know - has been heard in Europe ( DC8TS ) as well as in Japan ( JA2ORW ). So it looks like
a good one. QSL via the JA-bureau.
If the conditions allow there is a lot of traffic on RS-12 ( terrible on weekends due to 15m condi-
tions and contests ).
Stations worked or heard include
JX7DFA, SU1SK, SU1HM, C31ZK, A92GD, A92FZ, 5X1T, TT8JFC,  YK1AO, TZ, 6W, OD5 and
probably a lot more which I have not heard.
The majority of them are not qrv regularly on RS-12 but show up for a sked.

73s Hardy DC8TS
                     ex SV9/DC8TS, SV5/DC8TS, D68RS, 5R8EO on AO-10&13