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Mir Exhibit at Wisconson Dells

For those of you near, or traveling through the Wisconson Dells area 
Tommy Bartlett Robot World an Exploratory now has a MIR Exhibit. 

The exhibit consist of a full size mock up of the core module of the 
MIR space station.  Apparently this is one of three mockups that 
were made.

I found the mockup to be quite interesting and gave me a better idea
how cramped the MIR is. (although the mock up seems spacious) Since
I was only really interested in the MIR, I walked past the other
exhibits but these mainly consisted of things you would typically
find in a science muesum (ie shadow box, tesla coil, IR images,
ect). Cost was $8.75 USD.

They also had a full size Sputnik hanging from the ceiling.

The standard disclaimer applies.

Chuck Gooden
Rockford, Illinois