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another time setting program

AccuSet was developed to provide users of the Microsoft Windows 95 and
NT environment with a solution for accurately setting and maintaining
their computer's date and time.  AccuSet provides this service by using
your modem to synchronize your system's internal clock with a cesium
atomic clock at one of the following sites:

National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST) in Boulder, Colorado

United States Naval Observatory (USNO) in Washington, DC
Telstra (Australia)
Precision Timing (Sweden)
National Electrotechnical Institute (Italy)
Technical University of Graz (Austria)
National Research Council (Canada)
Federal Institute of Physics and Metrology (Germany)
BBC Dial-In Time Service (United Kingdom)
National Center for Metrology (Mexico)
ONRJ, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)
Dutch Measuring Institute (Netherlands)
Royal Observatory of Belgium (Belgium)

AccuSet Features:

True 32-bit operation!

Offers the most accurate synchronization possible with more atomic
clocks than any other program.

AccuSet's new DayMap section shows a world map displaying the areas of
the world currently in sunlight and those in darkness.

Time synchronizations can be performed using either direct modem
connections or via WinSock-compliant connections to internet time

Determines the accuracy of your PC's internal clock.  AccuSet can then
make corrections to the system clock to compensate for its error rate,
without the need for a telephone call.

Support for vocal time announcements in either twelve or 24-hour
format.  Time announcements can also be scheduled to occur at
pre-defined intervals.

New human male/female voice files can be used for time announcements.

Displays the local/sunrise/sunset times for up to 15 (user-configurable)
cities around the world.

When minimized, AccuSet can optionally place the current system date
and/or time in the title bar of the active window.  The format of the of
the title bar is highly user-configurable.

Displays the estimated correct time and number of seconds the clock has
deviated from the actual time, based on the internal clock's rated

Support for automated Daylight Saving Time handling.  AccuSet directly
supports the DST rules for North America, United Kingdom, Continental
Europe, Brazil, New Zealand, China and Australia.  Users can also
manually define DST starting/ending dates.

Support for overdue modem synchronization and excessive error
compensation warnings.

AccuSet will assist first time users to properly configure the program
with a series of easy to understand questions.

Displays Universal Time Coordinated (UTC), sunrise/sunset times and a
depiction of the current lunar phase.

Support for manual time adjustments.

Commercial-quality, intuitive interface.  Supports a user-selectable
digital or text interface.

Easy to use and configure - with automatic modem detection.

Supports call logging.  Any adjustment AccuSet makes to the internal
clock is recorded, in detail, to a log file.  This information can be
printed or used to generate a graphical plot of historical accuracy

Supports the international date/time settings as defined in the Windows
Control Panel.

Support for local half-hour time zones.

Works with any speed modem using the AT command set.

Supports the startup parameters (/AUTOSYNC) and (/AUTOADJUST) which will
cause AccuSet to automatically adjust the time by either synchronizing
with the desired atomic clock or by adjusting the clock based on its
rated accuracy and then self-terminate.

Automatic disconnection if the selected service is unavailable.

Call waiting can be disabled during the synchronization process.

Users can choose between using pre-defined or user-defined modem
initialization strings.  Hang-up strings are also user-configurable.

Displays the date and time of the last synchronization.

Extremely low cost!