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Re: KPC3 -- 9600 ?

I have to agree with both.  SMT is not hard to work with.  I do less board
damage on SMT than multilayer through-hole devices.  I have Pace vacuum
desoldering equipment for through-hole and soldering tweesers for SMT.  I
use a 10x microscope to see the parts and very fine solder.  The soldering
iron is a temp controlled with 1/64" tip.  I do less damage to the board
than th contract board house that builds boards for work when they have to
do rework (abt 80 % of their boards have rwk).

SMT is east to work with with good tools. But good tools make any job easy.

At 08:40 AM 3/28/98, Norm McMillan wrote:
>For once I have to agree with laura! (... girlish naivete?)
> I reckon SMT is easier than the old thru-hole technology. The "right
>tools" don't even have to be flash. A bare minimum is a temp. cont iron
>with a FINE point, some very fine solder, tweezers, plenty of light and a
>good magnifying glass. 
>More desirable is some sort of hot air source in place of a soldering iron.
>I use a reverse engineered desoldering iron of the old "squeeze the bulb"
>style. Air is blown through with one of those otherwise useless 12v
>minicompressors from your auto store. you have to mess around to get the
>flow just right but it's no big deal. I use a "Maggylamp"(t) 'cause I have
>one, but a pair of manifying glasses on a headband work just fine.
>A vacuum pickup tool would be handy but I haven't got that figured yet,
>maybe someone else has.
>At 08:56 27/03/1998 PST, you wrote:
>>Duane wrote:
>>> ...It is a nice unit for terrestrial use, but uses
>>> surface mount technology which makes it a challenge
>>> to modify...
>>Surface mount? A challenge? This is one of those myths
>>that really bugs me.
>>I guess it's my girlish naivete at work again: surface
>>mount is dead simple with the right tools.
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