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DSP Modems / TNCs


I've been QRT for the last year or so and am now coming back on air.  I'm
interested in setting up a Pacsat station and i've seen a number of
references to DSP processor based TNCs.  These look attractive esp with
respect to upgradability and the fact that I can write my own software for
them. I'm a software engineer by profession and i'm much better at writing
code than I am with a soldering iron :-).

My questionions are as follows:

1)   `What DSP modems are available ?
2)   Which one is the most popular model ?
3)   What is considered the "de facto" standard - Ie what is the amateur
DSP world writing software for ?
4)   What development tools are available assemblers, C compilers etc... ?
5)   Where can I find some good comparitive reviews / literature ?

Thanks in advance for any replies.

Patrick de 9h1jy