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Re: KPC3 -- 9600 ?

For once I have to agree with laura! (... girlish naivete?)

 I reckon SMT is easier than the old thru-hole technology. The "right
tools" don't even have to be flash. A bare minimum is a temp. cont iron
with a FINE point, some very fine solder, tweezers, plenty of light and a
good magnifying glass. 

More desirable is some sort of hot air source in place of a soldering iron.
I use a reverse engineered desoldering iron of the old "squeeze the bulb"
style. Air is blown through with one of those otherwise useless 12v
minicompressors from your auto store. you have to mess around to get the
flow just right but it's no big deal. I use a "Maggylamp"(t) 'cause I have
one, but a pair of manifying glasses on a headband work just fine.

A vacuum pickup tool would be handy but I haven't got that figured yet,
maybe someone else has.


At 08:56 27/03/1998 PST, you wrote:
>Duane wrote:
>> ...It is a nice unit for terrestrial use, but uses
>> surface mount technology which makes it a challenge
>> to modify...
>Surface mount? A challenge? This is one of those myths
>that really bugs me.
>I guess it's my girlish naivete at work again: surface
>mount is dead simple with the right tools.
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