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Re[2]: KPC3 -> 9600 ?

        Oops.  While the KPC-9612 may do 300 bps the default speeds are 
    1200 and 9600 bps.  I must have been pretty tired to make that typo.
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    Duane Naugle

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Subject: Re: KPC3 -> 9600 ?
Author:  Duane Naugle at MITCHPO5
Date:    3/26/98 3:53 PM

        No, it's not upgradeable to 9600.  No, it does not have a 
    disconnect header.  It is a nice unit for terrestrial use, but uses 
    surface mount technology which makes it a challenge to modify.
        The KPC-9612 has both 300 BPS and 9600 BPS ports.  The 9600 side 
    can be used for satellites from what I've seen posted here.
        The Paccomm units seem to have the most flexibility in regards 
    to upgrades and disconnect headers.  There are some DSP units out 
    there too, but I don't have any info on what's currently available.
        Good luck and 73.
    Duane Naugle
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Subject: KPC3 -> 9600 ?
Author:  assib@imap1.asu.edu at SMTPGate-Mitchell 
Date:    3/26/98 11:08 AM
Does anyone out there know if the KPC3 is upgradeable to 9600 buad ? 
Does it have a disconnect header ?
bye, Assi
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