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PACSAT SSB and FM receiver

The Naval Academy satelite lab is designed around a collection of LNA's
and Downconverters on the roof which convert all satelite bands to 28 MHz.
Then 150 feet of coax later in the lab, I feed through a patch panel to
the student  consoles where 10 meter all-band rigs are used as tunable
IF's.  This way I have minimal cable loss and all patching is done at 28
MHz, and one rig does ALL bands.

    Problem is, I took someone's recommendation 5 years ago and bought the
RCI-2650 10 meter rigs that were available at that time.

They are absolute JUNK.  CB rigs in disguise.  I just cannot say enough
bad things about those radios. 

On a low budget, I am ready to replace these 10m rigs.  What is the best
GOOD radio commercially available for this purpose?  (Dont tell me to go
shopping at a HAMFEST, please)...

   1) Must have up/down step tuning for automatic operation...
   2) Must have smooth tunig dial, NOT CB click style
   3) Must have decent FM detector as well as USB/LSB
   4) Should tune 28-30. and 28-32 MHz preferable

Opinions?  Thanks...