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Re: Pushnuts summary

Hi Lee,

I have been following all the messages about the push  nuts for the KLM
antennas. I cannot believe all the effort to get pricing on this.  I stopped in
at KLM today,( I live about 15 miles from KLM and they are members of our Sky
Valley Amateur Radio Club )

The stainless steel push nuts are 12 cents each.  Catalog # 28218
The plastic button insulators are  15 cents each. Catalog # PL66125.
Priority shipping -- lot $3.00
2 mtr kit has 44 push nuts and 44 button insulators.
70 cm kit has 85 push nuts and 76 button insulators.

Hope this helps.

Bert    N7TKO    Gold Bar, WA

Barnett, Lee wrote:

>      Wow, did I get a lot of great responses to my inquiry for sources of
>      the pushnuts used on KLM antennas.  Several have ask that I post a
>      summary of the responses.  Here it is.
>      Suggested sources:
>      Down East Microwave  (www.downeastmicrowave.com)  listed at $15/100
>      M2 Antennas  (www.m2inc.com)  no price listed on web
>      KLM Antennas (www.klm-antennas.com)  no price listed, rumored $10/100
>      Byers Chassis
>      Texas Towers
>      Local hardware store - My local hardware store is owned by a ham.  He
>      is currently checking with his suppliers.
>      I also got the following suggestions for alternatives to the pushnuts:
>      Black nylon pushnuts
>      Pliable sealing compound
>      Nylon grommets - General Cement Co.
>      That's the scoop for now.  I'll keep you posted if other sources
>      appear.
>      73,
>      Lee, KJ4BF
>      lbarnett@claimsware.com