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Re: "Pace-Makers" & Radio Frequencies

Hi Quentin

Whilst I had no problem  what so ever when my father lived with us for a few
months after having his Pace Maker installed here in Brisbane.

I intentionally operated on all amateur bands from 70cm 440Mhz and down to
80m 3.600 Mhz and with various modes and antennas my father did not
experience any problem at all and had no indication with his Pace Maker
that I was operating.

Please though do not take my word for it I am neither and Engineer or
Medical Doctor, I personally though do not see any problem.

I will send out this complete message via packet radio complete with your
email address etc and also the AMSAT bulletin board in USA, this message
will then go on most Bulletins Boards in Australia and New Zealand as well
as the USA one.  I am sure that if anyone else has experienced any sort of
problem they will advise one or other off us.

Should I personally receive any replies I will pass them on to you and for
my information should you receive any kindly pass them on to myself.

Hope the above is of some assistance to you

Regards Brian Beamish
VK4BBS Brisbane

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From: Durber, Quentin <quentin.durber@wapl.com.au>
To: 'brianvk4bbs@msn.com' <brianvk4bbs@msn.com>
Date: Thursday, 26 March 1998 2:15
Subject: "Pace-Makers" & Radio Frequencies

>I've just been speaking with Christine (VK6 ZLZ) from the Wireless
>Institute of Australia in Perth regarding Pacemakers and radio
>frequencies. She tells me you went through a similar exercise some time
>ago so I was wondering if you could provide me with some guidance on
>this matter.
>I'm planning to set-up my father's (Bob Durber VK6 JE) transmitter next
>month at the Brookton Nursing Home in W.A.. It's possible that some
>residents may have pacemakers, so to avoid the risk of them "missing a
>beat or two" due to RF interference can you advise me if the radio
>frequencies used by Ham Operators present a problem for these units?  If
>they are a problem, what precautionary measures need to be taken to
>eliminate/minimise the interference etc...?
>Bob has been transmitting on 2, 20 & 40 metres using a Kenworth unit (I
>think...?) which is powered by a 12 volt battery.
>He first held a licence around 1940 as VK6 DG, let it lapse in the
>1950's and returned to the "fold" in about 1978 as VK6 JE.
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