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Re: KR-5400A & GS232

My KR5400A has the din connectior for computer control.

Glenn Little

Ronald K. Long wrote:
> At 09:26 PM 3/24/98 -0500, Chris KC2BBU wrote:
> >Is the Kenpro KR-5400A compatible with this Yaesu Box.  (the KR-5400A looks
> >exactly the same as the Yaesu G-5400B) Also, any info on cabling of the
> >GS232 to Macintosh?
> The KR5400A control box does not have the computer interface circuitry.
> Look on the back for the DIN connecter. I don't think you will find one. I
> am not quite sure from your post what you have. Do you have a GR5400B
> control box and older rotators or vice-versa?
> As far as I know the rotators themselves are similar, i.e. KR-400, KR-500,
> G-500, KR5400A, GR5400B. But the Kenpro models are probably quite old.
> Kenpro was a company purchased or taken-over by Yaesu who have continued to
> manufacture them with a few changes. The most important change (moving the
> capacitor) was described in another post - by k4rs).
> My KR-400 and KR-500 were purchased in 1987, but are still in service.
> Parts such as position potentiometers are are available from Yaesu - same
> as in later models.
> ron, w8gus.