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correction on rotators

I made a mis-statement about the KR5400A not having interface electronics.
It was the KR5400 that did not have the interface circuitry. I went back to
my file of schematics and came up with the following. You will see that the
location of the motor start capacitors varies quite a lot. But each of
these has been verified with the schematics. There is also a table about
limit switches.  ron long w8gus.

  Model     Az Type    El Type   Motor Cap Location           Comment

KR-5400     KR-400     KR-500    Control Box          no interface electronics

KR-5400A    KR-400     KR-500    Control Box          first with electronics

KR-5600A    KR-600X    KR-500    Az in motor, El in Control

KR-5400B    KR-400     KR-500B   Az in control, EL in motor 

KR-5600B    KR-600X    KR-500B   Both in Motors

KR-400      KR-400       NA      Control Box

KR-500        NA       KR-500    Control Box

G500A         NA       G500A     Control Box

G5400B      KR-400     not shown  AZ in Control, EL in motor

G5600B      600X       not shown  Both in motors

KR-400RC    This is a totally different azimuth rotator. It uses a
            servo-type control box. Motor cap is in control box.

Another difference with these various rotators has to do with whether
or not they have limit switches at each end of travel. Limit switches
are a nice extra when computer control is anticipated. The ones without
limit use a thermal cutout. When the motor gets hot from grinding against
the stop, the thermal switch cuts power to the motor - hopefully before
damage occurs. The information below is right off the schematics. If it is
not accurate it is the fault of the manufacturer.

Limit Switches and/or Thermal Cutouts:

KR-5400   No limit switches or thermal cutouts on Az or El

KR-5400A  Thermal on both Az and El

KR-5600A  Limit on AZ, Thermal on El

KR-5400B  Thermal on Az, Limit on El

KR-5600B  Limit on both Az and El

G-5400B   Thermal on Az, limit on El

G-5600B   Limit on both Az and El 

KR-400    No limit switches or thermal cutout shown.
          But the manual states "mechanical end of rotation stops".

KR-500    No limit switches or thermal cutout shown.
          No statement in manual either.

G-500A    No limit switches or thermal cutout shown

KR-400RC  No limit switches or thermal cutout shown

----------- end ---------