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Re: KR-5400A & GS232

At 09:26 PM 3/24/98 -0500, pellenzc@vax.cs.hscsyr.edu wrote:

>Is the Kenpro KR-5400A compatible with this Yaesu Box.  (the KR-5400A looks
>exactly the same as the Yaesu G-5400B) Also, any info on cabling of the
>GS232 to Macintosh?

Many years ago, when I first became interested in satellite operation, I
acquired a Kenpro KR-500 elevation rotor.  Later, I purchased a Yaesu G-400
azimuth rotor. I used this rotor combination for several years before
finances allowed me to purchase a Yaesu G-5400B.  I thought that it would
be a simple process to use the old rotors and new control box at field day.
 Unfortunately, the G-5400B control box would not work with the KR-500
elevation rotor.

I spoke with everyone I knew about the problem.  Everyone scratched their
heads and said that they could not understand why it did not work.  When
the next field day rolled around, I became determined to make it work.

After looking at schematics for a LONG time, it finally became clear.  A
capacitor which was mounted in the control box of the KR-500 had been moved
to the rotor in the Yaesu design.  I spoke with Yaesu technical support and
they agreed that adding a capacitor between the terminals of the G-5400B
control box should allow it to work with the KR-500.

I made a trip to the local Radio Shack and purchased what I believed to be
the correct capacitor.  I connected it to the control box and everything
worked for about 5 minutes.  A very loud bang let me know that I had not
read the schematic correctly.  I cannibalized the capacitor from the old
KR-500 control box.  Field day was a success and I later obtained another
(CORRECT) capacitor.

Good luck....

73 de Roger Snyder, K4RS            
Internet: k4rs@m8.sprynet.com
AX.25 packet: K4RS @ N4XEO.#FTP.FL.USA.NOAM
Satellite: K4RS @ KO-23 or KO-25