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Re: ft736r (http://www.qrz.com/mods/ft736r.txt)

Hi Roy,
Hope this helps to solve the ft736r tuning problem.

From: gopstein@helix.squibb.com (Rich Gopstein) Newsgroups: rec.ham-radio Subject: FT736 2m RX mod! Date: 15 Jan 91 15:17:09 GMT Sender: news@soleil.UUCP Organization: Bristol-Myers Squibb PRI, Lawrenceville, NJ Lines: 37 I found this on Compuserve. I tried it on my FT736, and it works! I wonder what the other diodes do? Does anyone have a service manual for the FT736? Fm: Chuck Scott N8DNX 76556,3335 You can modify the 2 Meter section for 141-154 MHZ by adding D27 (not installed in USA version). This is normally soldered to the board but you can easily install it by simply shoving the leads into the connector. The 2 Meter section is the middle board looking into the radio from the top. The connector (J09) is the large one on the right side of the board, half way back. You want the cathode (striped end) of a small signal diode in pin 7 and the anode in pin 4. Pin 1 is toward the front of the radio. To receive over a slightly wider range, place the SAT switch in RX mode, press ENT[D] then enter a desired frequency and press ENT[D] again. You can enter any frequency from 100 to 200 MHz this way. Unfortunately, the synthesizer does not actually cover that range. As far as I can tell the bottom end is about 138.5 (not quite the 136.5 needed for the weather sats). The top end is about 155.6. You can't perform this stunt with the normal (non-satellite) VFO's. Also, once a frequency is entered in this way, it is possible to tune toward the normal range but tuning away will place you back in the 141-154 range. Using the same method yields aprox 220.0-229.5 & 423.0-454. You may store these frequencies in the SAT Memories. Chuck -- Rich Gopstein gopstein@squibb.com rutgers!squibb.com!gopstein Copied from the QRZ! Windows Ham Radio CDROM