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Re: help . . .(send money for it)

Bruce Paige wrote:

> very interesting. you would expect an organization to perform tests
> and calculations in a lab with paid employees but you expect them to
> do it with out any source of income for their work. hire employees,
> do work, give the results away and hope others support you. not a
> very prudent business decision. offering it as an incentive to renew
> your membership seems quite equitable.

I wouldn't know about being paid for my help, I am involved with several
organizations, and donate my time & equipment. I have nothing against paying for
a membership to an organization I'm involved with, I do however disagree
with the tactics used/demonstrated by the arrl & some of it's members.
correct me if I am wrong, but when did the term "give" become associated with
"if you join"??? I can understand paying for postage on items mailed, it's
only fair, but withholding info until you join doesn't set right with me.

> of course, we could always build satellites and launch them and then
> let people use them and hope that the money floats in from the skies.

In my case that's exactly what has happened, the satellite's were there, I started
listening, then I became interested in the org that put them there.

> but membership is usually the main source of income plus sales of
> books and publications that organizations have.

> increase membership 10% and that is a lot of new funds to use towards
> new projects. let your membership drop to zero and i bet the
> organization disappears.
> 73...bruce

KC7YPJ, Ryan Dorman
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