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Re: help . . .(send money for it)

very interesting. you would expect an organization to perform tests 
and calculations in a lab with paid employees but you expect them to 
do it with out any source of income for their work. hire employees, 
do work, give the results away and hope others support you. not a 
very prudent business decision. offering it as an incentive to renew 
your membership seems quite equitable. 

of course, we could always build satellites and launch them and then 
let people use them and hope that the money floats in from the skies. 
but membership is usually the main source of income plus sales of 
books and publications that organizations have. 

increase membership 10% and that is a lot of new funds to use towards 
new projects. let your membership drop to zero and i bet the 
organization disappears.


> Date:          Mon, 23 Mar 1998 17:28:43 -0700
> From:          Ryan Dorman <kc7ypj@pdt.net>
> To:            "Hare, Ed, W1RFI" <ehare@arrl.org>, AMSAT-BB <amsat-bb@AMSAT.org>
> Subject:       Re: help . . .(send money for it)

> Hare, Ed, W1RFI wrote:
> > If it were me, I would do the following:
> >
> > As technical info, obtain the test data on the equipment you intend to use.
> >  The ARRL Lab files contain more info than is published in the Produt
> > Review, so we should be able to help. """" I do note that your ARRL membership
> >
> > expired a few months ago, but perhaps now that you are interested in being
> > active again, you would like to rejoin.  If you would like to, I will
> > arrange to send you photocopies of the ARRL Lab's test data as a thank you
> > for joining. This test data would include the results of our measurements of
> > harmonics and other spurii.""""
> > 73 from ARRL HQ,
> > Ed Hare, W1RFI
> > ARRL Lab
> >  ----------
> It's always nice to know that help is only as far away as the checkbook... I
> have had doubts about joining the ARRL, but after this I think my money
> would be better spent with AMSAT ...
> The concept of paying for information that should be offered in goodwill,
> and so blatently stating this has made the decision about joining the ARRL an
> easy one.
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