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Re: need 9k6 modem suggestions

In article <350AE149.6729@banet.net> you wrote:

: I have been having problems with my venerable old PacComm PSK-1T
: lately, and would like to upgrade to a 9k6 modem. I am using WiSP
: for Windows 3.1, and would like a modem that works well with that
: combination. Anybody have any suggestions???

I'm not very familiar with the PSK-1T, but I've got some stick time with 
various 9k6 modems.  Here are my observations.

After trying several combinations, the P3D RUDAK team settled on the PacComm
Spirit-2 TNC's for our testing and ground control stations.  They have been
rock solid, are well-documented and easy to hack with (pulling out TTL HDLC 
to do bench-testing of flight hardware, interfacing custom circuitry to 
allow us to reset the RUDAK CPU's, etc), and the folks at Paccomm have been
very supportive.  If you want an off-the-shelf TNC that does 9k6 today, and
has possibilities for the future, this is the cream of the crop in my opinion.

The Kantronics KPC-9612 Plus is widely available, and as long as you only want
to do the things it explicitly supports (1200 AFSK or 9600 G3RUH with radios), 
they seem to work ok.  The design is not conducive to hacking... they 
therefore didn't meet our team's needs at all.

The AEA/Timewave PK-96 seems like an interesting possibility, but I've never
played with one.  Since they're cheaper than the PacComm units, we had hoped
to try one out when we were selecting TNC's for the RUDAK team, but we caught
Timewave before they got into full production, and there weren't any on the
shelves for us to beg/borrow/buy.

All of the above should work fine with WiSP.

Personally, I'm excited about the Motorola 56002 processor evaluation module
I bought in the TAPR group purchase a while back.  I've seen Steve Bible's
prototype of the "radio interface kit" that he and other TAPR folks are 
working on... and I'm looking forward to beta-testing the kit soon.  If it
works as well for me as Steve claims it works for him, this may well become
my modem of choice in the shack.

73 - Bdale, N3EUA