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Re: Need some help . . .

Jeff,  Try locating the base frequency coordinator.  Their job is to assign
and control the radio spectrum on base.  First stop I'd try would be the
comm shop and ask who the coordinator is.  Let them know what you want to
do and get a letter of OK, then go to the base commander.   The commander
won't make a uninformed decision.  She needs to know that there won't be a
problem.  The base technical types can get you that documentation (and take
the flak off of her if it goes wrong).
We had a similar problem at the Nevada Test Site.  We got permission from
the Frequency Coordinator to work ham HF and VHF frequencies in the base
camp area (not allowed in the forward areas for security reasons though)
and were even permitted to talk to the Russians on the MIR.  

Good Luck

> From: Jeffrey S Austin <n8vna@gte.net>
> To: AMSAT <amsat-bb@AMSAT.org>
> Subject: Need some help . . .
> Date: Saturday, March 21, 1998 4:28 PM
> Well,
> I'm absolutely overwhelmed by your support.
> 1. The base commander seems to be a pretty level playing field type
> of person, so what I'm looking for is information to educate her on
> ham radio in general. I'm making the safe assumption that she doesn't
> know anything about amateur radio so I'll have the bases covered when
> I go into her office. I have the support from my MCPO (who is
> thinking about getting his ticket). What I need are the numbers for
> the pubs, manuals, directives, etc.
> 2. It's also my intention to get her interested enough that when I
> leave her office she'll be studying for her ticket!
>                                                         -73's de Jeff