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Re: Need some help . . .

At 04:01 PM 21-03-98 -0600, Hans Brakob wrote:
>There is a reason that base is isolated in
>a corner of the Dismal Swamp, and the transmitters are 
>located many miles away.  *ALL* transmitters (not only
>hobby radio) are forbidden on that base, for the simple
>reason that the mission cannot be jeopardized, even for
>seconds, by a stray uncontrolled emitter in the vicinity.

Not quite right.  The transmitters are located at a distance, particularly
on HF, to permit full duplex operation.  The receivers are usually located
at the control point, on base.

Bob's right about the receivers.  They're good ones and designed to do the
job, that is, receive only what is intended and reject all other off tune

73, art.....