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Re: Need some help . . .

Hans Brakob wrote:

> On Sat, 21 Mar 1998 01:19:32 -0500 Jeffrey S Austin <n8vna@gte.net>
> writes:
> >Bob-
> >I need some help here. I've got a ham radio problem that's more
> >political than technical but I'm going to win with a technical knock
> >out.
> >Just a quick QSO here, I'm active duty Coast Guard and currently
> >work/live at Naval Security Group Activity Northwest in Chesapeake
> >VA. The situation is that the base commander, based upon rules made
> >by the former base commander, feels that amateur radio is going to
> >interfere with the receivers here on base. The Navy's transmitters
> >are in Suffolk and the Coast Guard's are in Virginia Beach. What I'm
> >hoping to do is show her, with facts and figures generated within
> >the Navy/Coast Guard, that her fears are unfounded.
> Jeff,
> There is nothing "political" about her decision.  All of
> the military missions of that base are dependent on a
> "clean" receiving environment. Many of them  (Can you say
> "Naval Security Group"?) revolve around reception of very
> weak signals.  There is a reason that base is isolated in
> a corner of the Dismal Swamp, and the transmitters are
> located many miles away.  *ALL* transmitters (not only
> hobby radio) are forbidden on that base, for the simple
> reason that the mission cannot be jeopardized, even for
> seconds, by a stray uncontrolled emitter in the vicinity.
> Either find off-base housing, or pack your transmitter.
> 73, de Hans, K0HB
> Master Chief Radioman, US Navy
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  Excuse me Hans  for jumping in to the fray, but I couldnt let it pass
without comment. As a former CT chief who did two tours at Northwest and
was instrumental in setting up the amateur radion station on the base in
1968, I have to add my two cents.  Un fortunately, this is a politcal
decision based on stupidity of the base commander which given today's
Navy is not unusual.
  I'm afraid the gentleman will be putting his 970 into the box. Base
commanders as you are well aware are the "authority" and politically he
wont win.

Sorry about that.

Marty W8AKS/6