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RE: Need some help . . .

On Saturday, March 21, 1998 12:19 AM, Jeffrey S Austin[SMTP:n8vna@gte.net] wrote:
> Bob-
> I need some help here. I've got a ham radio problem that's more
> political than technical but I'm going to win with a technical knock
> out.
> Here is what I wrote to Steve, N7HPR:
> >Steve-
> >Just a quick QSO here, I'm active duty Coast Guard and currently
> >work/live at Naval Security Group Activity Northwest in Chesapeake
> >VA. The situation is that the base commander, based upon rules made
> >by the former base commander, feels that amateur radio is going to
> >interfere with the receivers here on base. The Navy's transmitters
> >are in Suffolk and the Coast Guard's are in Virginia Beach. What I'm
> >hoping to do is show her, with facts and figures generated within
> the
> >Navy/Coast Guard, that her fears are unfounded. I believe she thinks
> >that ham radio will cause interference, especially to the satcom
> >units on base (CAMSLANT is one the units). My plan is to put my
> >eggbeaters up and use about 50 w eirp to hit the birds (FO-20/29 and
> >AO-27). Can you send me as much as you can, so that I can put
> >something in a "report" and send it to her. Otherwise, my 970 will
> go
> >back in the box and I will not be a happy camper for the next four
> >years!
> >
> >Jeffrey S Austin
> >1021 Osprey Ct
> >Chesapeake VA 23322-4202
> >757 421 0138 home
> >757 421 6240 work
> >
> >                                               -73's de Jeff N8VNA
> >
> >
> >
> So, what I'm looking for is what guidance the Navy gives to it's base
> commanders in regards to amateur radio use on its bases, in terms of
> both MWR and technical considerations. If it helps you, you can send
> whatever you can to me as an HTML file.
>                                                  -73's de Jeff N8VNA

Jeffrey et.al. -- (I'm not sending this to everyone on the list)
I think you already know this -- whatever the base commander says
goes, period, end of discussion.  If she feels that ham radio MIGHT
interfere with base communications then she has a RESPONSIBILITY to
not allow it.  There is too much at risk.  Just think about it -- what
if your rig malfunctioned and interfered with something on the base during
a critical time. OR what if your malfunctioning rig set off an alarm OR
what if a malfunctioning receiver on base caused an alarm or a breakdown
in communication because of your correctly functioning rig?  Too many
possible problems.  Many of the receivers on a military base are EXTREMELY
sensitive and are therefor more likely to be interfered with even by
a correctly functioning rig.  At Kelly AFB in San Antonio we had some
receivers that could "hear the static caused by a mouse walking through
the grass five miles away."  Besides she can disallow ham/cb just because 
she doesn't like it.  She is the base commander and the base commander 
usually gets what he wants as long as it doesn't violate regulations.  
That's what it means to be the "commander,"  been there done that.

Kevin, WB5RUE