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Re: Yet ANOTHER 2.4 GHz Signal Source

I have looked at the spectrum of the MFJ-259 up to 1.7 GHz which is as far
as the spectrum analyzer will go.  The fundamental appears to be very
clean.  There are 2.23 volts out of the 259 over the entire frequency
range and it is very nearly constant....small variation....maybe a couple 
houndredths of a volt or so.  It is very rich in harmonics.  The tenth
harmonic, about 1.7 GHz, was about 70 microvolts.  Maybe someone has an
analyzer available to get to 2.4 GHz and let us know what the output is
there.  The frequency is plenty stable for test purposes.  I suspect that
a GDO might have the harmonics available but might not be stable enough to
be very useful. 

I have built a small dipole into a connector which I can screw into the
259 and since it is pattery powered, I hope to be able to set it up "out
back" and use it as a test signal for the mode S receive.  Don't know if
there is enough output to be able to do this.

More later.......Jim....W5VZF.

Dr. Jim Akers
Dept. of Electrical 
and Computer Engineering
Miss. State Univ.