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Re: Need some help . . .

Well there are two obvious answers, but will probably be ingnored by any

1)  You meant that a military radio costing $20,000 (LST-5) to $100,000
(WSC-3) is vulnerable to off channel interfereence?  Then the government
is buying junk from Radio Shack!

2)  You mean the military is vulnerable to a jammer with nothing but a $50
radio from Radio shack????

3)  You mean that no one on base can operate a cellular phone, Truck 2 way
radio,  Pizza delivery man?  At any time there are probbaly dozens of 2
way mobile radios running 50 watts driving around all over the base.  Have
they noticed any interference from those?

4)  What about a ship where you have probably 100 to 200 Radio
Transmitters all within about 100 yards of each other transmitting on just
about every frequency from DC to daylight and most are using power in the
killowatts range.... And SATCOM works just fine.