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Re: Anyone on the FO's??

    Do you guys collect grid squares or something?  As I understand it, the entire
    SF bay area is in one grid square.

The Greater Bay Area is close to five grid square, with CM87 going almost
down to Santa Cruz, and ending near the top of San Rafael.  You really need
a Northern Calfornia Delorme Atlas to rove around here.  The bottom of CM88
is about 15-20 minutes from Berkeley via I-80, alot less as the crow flies
or the boat sails.  CM97 is not very far to the east, either, as half of
CM87 is ocean.

Amongst VHF and above folk, VUCC is pursued instead of DXCC.  Satellite
VUCC is probably easier than, say, terrestrial VUCC at 2 meters and above;
but a challenge nonetheless, as one eventually needs to track down and
work the folks who don't live in populized areas.  VUCC can be obtained
with LEO satellites, but you will need the RS* and Phase 3* birds (at
present, just AO-10) to even consider satellite DXCC, which alot more
challenging out here in California than on the East Coast or in Europe.
Now, DXCC is sufficently far out of reach for me personally, that i may
not have all of the details right, so i expect corrections...

			-- KD6PAG  (Networking Old-Timer, RF newbie)