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FO satellites

Chad KG0MW wrote:-

>    I have been on fo20 and fo29 now for 3 days. I have only 3 contacts
>in my log book. In fact Monday nite I call cq on 435.850 for 12 minutes
>and no one replyed!! Dont get me wrong, this is not a flame to anyone.
I got on sats the back end of last year, and i also started on the FO
i worked quite a few stations, i use the IC821 and a x5 for 2m with an x11
for 70cm. I found that with the rigs output as is, the downlink signal
quite good, i dont have any mast head pre-amps or anything....

Anyway, not one person complained about my signal, that was until i
my Amsat News. To be honest, i was gob-smacked at what i read. The artical
written by LA2QAA flammed me big style. Statements like "splatter" QRO and
"get back to 20m" yet not one station i worked over these first months said

anything about the qualitiy of my downlink signal. Not even other stations 
mentioned in the same artical.

So, the reason for this message......? Simple, why work people on a
satellite like
the FO birds if one gets flammed big style like i did.

It would have been nicer for some one to say "perhaps your........" or
Get my drift?

So, if you need my country confirmed via satellite, then listen for me on
i'll be the weak CW signal on .895

Best regards to all, Andy GD0TEP