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Re: Anyone on the FO's??

Bert McClellan wrote:
> Hi Chad,
> Hang in there. Sometimes I can go thru a entire pass and not hear anything
> except my downlink.
> I think there is some one listening . (Maybe they just dont want to talk to
> me. HI)  Reminds me of AO-13.   I have called CQ for a long time and could
> not find any one on the band.  But when I finally get a good dx come back,
> all of the sudden there would be dozens trying to get back to him.

I see the same thing on HF too.  Sometimes 30M is completely quiet.  I'll
do a long call --  nothing.  Then, do a long call, and a pile of J's call
back.  Hmm, can you work Japan from California on FO's?  

Do you guys collect grid squares or something?  As I understand it, the entire
SF bay area is in one grid square.