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Satellite Launch Schedule

Here is the latest info we have at Satellite Times hq on possible launch
dates for satellites of interest to hams and SWLs.

Dates and times are UTC.
May 13  1552-1602       Titan 2 VAFB SLC4       NOAA-K polar orbiting
weather satellite (will be redesignated NOAA 15 when safely in orbit). No
word on frequencies yet for the weather satellite crowd.

Jul 15  TBD     Ariane 5        Kourou ELA3     Hot Bird 5 and the ARD are
currently manifested
Would have been a flight opportunity for Phase 3D.

Jul 16  2200    Delta II        CAFS SLC17A     NASA Deep Space 1 and SEDSAT-1
SEDSAT-1 is an amateur satellite and more info can be found in the April
1998 issue of ST due on the newstand shortly.

Oct 15  TBD     Ariane 44L      Kourou ELA2     AfriStar (new Digital Audio
Radio Service and some international shortwave broadcasters to Starman
portable radios with downlink in L-band. Portables will sell for under
US$200 and will be about the size of a Sony 2010 shortwave portable. As we
understand it now, no subscrption will be required to receive the audio
services from this geostationary satellite. AsiaStar and AmeriStar will
launch in 1999.) More information on this new and exciting service appeared
in the Jul/Aug 97 issue of ST.

Nov 12  TBD     Delta II        VAFB SLC2       USAF Argos P-91/RSA
Sunsat/Danish Orsted
RSA Sunsat is an amateur satellite profiled in the May/June 1995 issue of ST.

That's it for now. We always appreciate updates. You can send your launch
updates to:

73 all de N5FPW

Larry Van Horn
Managing Editor
Satellite Times magazine
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