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Anyone on the FO's??

    I have been on fo20 and fo29 now for 3 days. I have only 3 contacts
in my log book. In fact Monday nite I call cq on 435.850 for 12 minutes
and no one replyed!! Dont get me wrong, this is not a flame to anyone.
    What  I cant get over is how easy it is to work these satellites! I
have 12el horizontal for 2m 19el horizontal on 435. Right now there is
no elevation, and I am running only 10watts!! Tonite I turned the power
down to 1 WATT and I could here my downlink!! There is such a difference
between a 2m downlink and a 435 downlink!! If you have 2m and 435ssb
(which if you subscribe to this list, you probably do) try fo20 or fo29.
I can easily work either one below 10deg elevation. All the work I went
thru to get on the fo satellites was WELL WORTH it.
    My station is not elaborate at all. I use Gemini rotors, my antennas
I have built. Right now no preamps. My radios, IC251a I bought at a pawn
shop for a song, my FT 726r I traded some radio equipment for, and
Bartered and sold junk out of my shack to buy a new MFJ-1270cq for 9600
baud pacsat!! So for actually a low investment I now have a station that
can work "almost" any satellite out there now and in the future.
    EXPERIMENT!!! TRY SOMETHING DIFFERENT!! You just might have fun
doing it, I am ......

Chad Phillips
South Dakota AMSAT Area Coordinator