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Re: More Dumb Wisp Questions

Hi Norman.

AMSAT has frequency lists and other publications that may help.  You might
also browse the AMSAT web site.

***** wrote:
> I have resolved problems with dsp2232 and now I am having some questions
> about wisp setup
> 1.Freq. selection in sat setup  gives three choices for type of satellite.
>   Which do I use for each packet satellite??? Analogue I guess would be
> ao-27 etc. but what about ko-23,ko-25,etc...

Pacsat for KO-23, KO-25, UO-22, AO-16 and LO-19.
> 2. What about downlink and uplink?? Choices of FN-W or FN-N or usb or lsb??

Use FM

Satellite            Uplink                Downlink

UO-22            145.975                   435.120

KO-23            145.900                   435.175
                 145.850                   435.165 (Note)

KO-25            145.980                   436.500

Note: not sure this is still operative.

73, Roy

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