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KO-23 doldrums

Heads-up, Guys

Looks like KO-23 has hit another high temperature period so the deviation
has increased.

[Background for newcomers: KO-23's orbital cycle means that about every 
five months the spacecraft goes through a period when it sees NO eclipses.
In turn this means the spacecraft temperature rises to HOT, and that rise
brings on a fault which causes the deviation (or fsk shift, if you prefer)
to rise so much that folks with narrow deviation receivers (say 15-20 KHz,
rather than the 50 KHz which some use to avoid doppler tracking) find that,
although they have a strong signal, receive data throughput tends to zero.
Volunteers wanted to go fix; must have own soldering iron (with 100,000 
miles of mains cord) and space shuttle.]

Looks like it hits eclipse again about end-March / beginning of April.

Richard W L Limebear G3RWL
FOC # 1188

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