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Re: Yaesu FT-847 or FT-736

Marvin Munster wrote:

> Well, prices are comming down on the 736.  Should I spend $1,000 for a 736
> (no extra modules) or should I add another $900 for the 847.
> >From what is known to date, what is the difference between them?
> Is it worth the extra $900?
> Is it going to be as good a radio?
> Is the 736 too old?
> Is $1,000 a good deal for the 736, or will they come down?
> Thanks in advance.
> Marvin - WB6PKK

  It all depends on your priorities - for example do you want 1.2 Ghz built
in? if you have local 1.2 Ghz repeater or ATV then the 736 is a great rig....
the new one has yet to be proven - the specs look good - but they are
advertizing!  - I figure that the 847 will be a good rig and enable me to sell
some HF gear while getting  an other excellent satellite rig..... thus I will
have both the 736 and the 847.
The one item which attracts me to the 847 is the (supposed) ability to track
doppler in very small steps thus I could track S band (with a downconverter)
on a LEO without the frequency steps being too large.
73 de Robin VE3FRH