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Re: VP Gore's Proposal

> That's true, but if all you're planning on doing with the image is
>look at weather systems and other 'large scale' features, you don't
>need a heck of a lot of resolution.

Both the GOES geostationary and the TIROS-N polar orbiting weather
satellites have approx 1km resolutions in the visible. As Tom Clark
already showed, it would be hard to get anywhere near that with a
reasonably sized spacecraft at the extremely high altitude proposed.

Other satellites (earth resources and especially spy) can give *much*
better ground resolutions. Gore, of all people, should know this.

The only thing that distresses me more than Gore's apparent ignorance
of basic physics is his apparent ignorance of major projects within
the very government he's one heartbeat away from leading. And even
more distressing is the apparent willingness of people who ought to
know better (i.e., NASA) to drop everything and rush to implement this
rather silly idea.

Perhaps I'm underestimating NASA. Maybe they know the political game
well enough to be able to redirect Gore's naive enthusiasm into a
project with some actual scientific (or at least educational) merit.

Then again, they're working on this space station...