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AMSAT-BB bandwidth concerns [was "RE: APRS / MIR TEST"]

    I realize that some of you who are subscribed to this bulletin board pay 
    download fees by the 'bite', and I'm sorry for your download time in this 
    case. However, Harry's material IS important information,  just as 
    important as any other posting. Without information like this, the ANS 
    bulletins are simply not possible.

I have not had time to read all of the messages on it, but the amount of
traffic generated by the junk mailer is much worse than a long, on-topic,
message such as was referenced by NN0DJ.  There is alot of stuff that gets 
posted that i find *boring*.  Dan, we shouldn't worry about it much;  from 
the header you included, the individual in question seems to have a com-
plaint about the SAREX list and not this one.  I don't subscribe, so i
don't know how on-topic MIR or APRS traffic is to the SAREX list.

At any rate, if junk mail is a problem, maybe we can get the 'sendmail'
on the server for AMSAT-BB to refuse to accept e-mail with invalid 'From:'
and/or 'Sender:' address.  That gets rid of 90% of the junk mail to
personal accounts.  The rest can be handled by a polite but firm complaints
from many of us to the relevant postmaster, including the full header of 
the original message.  If even 10% of this list complains, their ISP is
is likely to cancel the account of the offender, possibly even bill them 
for expenses.  Occasionally, that takes a little research to find who the
real ISP is, but discussion of that is probably off-topic for this list 
unless it becomes more frequent.  Besides, AO-27 is about to go over and 
thus i have better things to do right now!

			    -- KD6PAG  (Networking Old-Timer, RF newbie)