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Re: Drake downconverters

Thanks to all who are replying to my request again.  However, to save
bandwidth, please note that my original post was reposted (for some reason)
without modification by W3DID.  I already got my questions answered the
first time I posted this.  

It is certainly refreshing to be on a reflector with such a great bunch of
guys and gals.  I can't believe all of the helpful responses one gets here
to a posting.  (Of course, one would expect this from satellite ops  :-)

73 de Joel, W0JDJ
AMSAT #1795

At 11:10 AM 3/15/98 -0700, Jim Dawdy wrote:
>w3did@juno.com wrote:
>> My apologies-- I only recently joined this list.  All this talk about
>> Drake
>> downconverters has caught my attention.  I must have missed the original
>> thread.  Is there an archive somewhere?
>> An article in some printer material?  A FAQ?(!)  If not, would someone be
>> so kind as to forward me the details?   Sounds like there's a way to do
>> microwaves on the cheap and that's sounds good to me!  Perhaps my beloved
>> FT-726R can be pressed into service well into the new millenium!  :-)
>> Thanks in advance all.
>> 73 de Joel, W0JDJ
>> AMSAT #1795