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Re: 2-Meter/70-Centimer Yagis

On Fri, 27 Feb 1998 w3did@juno.com wrote:

> I'm looking at a picture in CQ VHF, Oct. 1997, page 14.  The picture
> shows 2 dualband Cushcraft antennas mounted on an AZ/EL rotor.
> The model no. is A270-10S.  
> Wonder if the author is on the list, or anyone else that has used this
> setup?   Since I already have one of these antennas, I could just buy
> another & mount them as in the picture...problem is, I'm not sure what
> kind of harness you would use.  Prehaps the person that designed this
> array is on board and can give me some help on that.

I would assume you could make up a 2 meter harness (the arm feeding one of
the yagis is 1/4 wavelength (in coax) longer from the tee than the other
arm).  This difference would be 3/4 wavelength at 70 cm.  The polarization
would be opposite sense, however.


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