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Mode A Mumblings

(Strictly on a For What It's Worth basis)

While we certainly need more accessible satellites in the sky,
let's be careful that, by discussing a new Mode A satellite,
we are not perpetuating dogma about what bands are "easy" or
"hard", what ones are suitable for beginners or not...which
usually boils down to the notion that microwaves are Just
Plain Weird.

I don't know about you, but I've never seen a beginner's shack
that had a 2m SSB radio in it...

Antennas? I did a talk at a local ham club a couple of weeks
ago, and waved around a homemade 2.4 GHz helix (about the
size of my forearm) and Drake down converter. How much smaller
(and cheaper) do you want?

I made the helix from some stuff I had kicking around - a piece
of unetched PC board for the reflector. A stick from a model
airplane store for the boom. Toothpicks for the helix supports,
held in place with crazy glue and sewing thread. Hefty wire
for the helix, wound on a toilet paper roll. The usual brass
shim stock guesstimated matching. This is advanced?

...laura who did a bit of a rant on the subject in Toronto

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