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Re: PSK modems and noise

Hi Richard,
Thanks for the reply.

>There is some difference between the purity of AO-16 versus LO-19 data.
>I think its phase jitter but I stand to be corrected on this.
>What this translates to in real life is that I get cleaner decode of LO-19
>at a lower audio pitch than is the case for AO-16.
My PSK modem has a patch (which I've done) for jitter. I havent got far
enough to test it out yet though.

>I use gain antennas *and* pre-amps ... and still IO-26 is unreadable.
Hmm - I'm not even sure of the status of IO-26 - I saw one post that said it
was not yet operational, and the weekly AMS bulletins are a bit quiet about
it. I've also seen different frequencies quoted for it!