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Yaesu FT 847

Hi Folks:

   I managed to obtain a copy of Yaesu's 6 page brochure for the 
new FT 847 as it is being circulated in Europe.  It includes a complete
spec sheet.  The one thing I was pretty disappointed to find is that
the FM -W filter on this radio is 15 KHz, just like the 736.  I 
assume that those of us who want to use it for digital operation 
on satellites are going to have to go through the same filter swap
we did with the 736.

  Anyway, since I couldn't find a copyright notice on the brochure,
I posted .jpg images of each of the six pages on the TAPR ftp
site.  To get a copy, ftp to tapr.org and switch to the pub/wa0ptv
directory.  There are six .jpg files there of rhe form ft847p1.jpg,

73, John W2FS (ex-WA0PTV)