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Re: VP Gore's Proposal

On Fri, 13 Mar 1998, Phil Karn wrote:

> Actually, I was thinking of optical physics, which limits the angular
> resolution attainable with a given aperture and optical wavelength.
> The math problem comes in the form of geometry: the farther away you
> are, the larger the area on the earth's surface that corresponds to
> the angular resolution limit.

 That's true, but if all you're planning on doing with the image is
look at weather systems and other 'large scale' features, you don't
need a heck of a lot of resolution.
 Is Gore thinking ahead, or just rattling on? Heck, I don't know,
but if there's somewhere on the 'net where people can see the Earth
(and give pause to think of how small it is in the universe), I've
got no problem with spending out $50 million. Got to be a better
way to spend the money than redecorating the o-club on some Air 
Force base (and, yes folks, there was such a line item in the "defense"
budget a couple of years back here).

 For what it's worth..............