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Re: Asteroid Recalculations

Ohh, this is a great relief, I can now safely take the pot off my head, 
we should all be safe from ricochets.

But seriously, look at that kind of publicity an extra terrestrial pebble
gets for making a fly by, but the fact that each and every one of us has
a greater chance getting killed tommorow morning by: 
1. getting run over by a car
2. getting run over by a drunk driver
3. crash on the next commercial flight
4. El-Ninyo !!!
5. Random shooting
6. heart attack 
7. Aids
8. just go to sleep and not wake up
9. WAR(conventional) WAR(atomic) WAR(chemical) WAR(biological)
10. this is for everything I forgot

are far greater then any rock that hits earth once every 10000 years.

Now the real funny thing is that there is not much we do about the rock (yet)
but all the others can be prevented, but we choose to ignore them.

Even if we do get hit by a rock and die, evolution would just have all
the cards shuffled again and life will rebuild it self, maybe not as we
know it, maybe we won't be the rulers, but some kind of life will reach
some kind of dominance.

just some points to think about :-)
bye, Assi

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