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Mode-A survey: results


Here's the results of Amsat-UK's "do we want another Mode-A bird" survey.

Because of the very short time-scale for responses I limited distribution to
electronic means only. To the amsat-bb internet reflector, which currently
has about 1600 subscribers (lots in the US); to the world-wide packet network; 
and to four digital satellites - Oscars 16/22/23/25. 

I would like to make the point that this method of distribution excludes 
those satellite operators who have limited resources and are in lesser 
developed countries; I believe the results need to be looked at in this 
light. We have missed out a big chunk of folks who would probably have 
supported the idea (the majority of existing Mode A users aren't on Internet);
this can be seen from the following list of countries that replies came from 
(by amateur radio prefix):
4X, 9Y4, CO, DL (10), EA (2), EI, F (3), G (27), GM, HB9, HR, I (2), LA (2),
ON, OZ, PA, SM (2), VE (4), VK (9), VP9, VR, VU, W (96), CE, ZL, ZP, ZS (2);
a few people did not include their callsign in their reply.

The answers: about 200 responses (including duplicates):
Yes: 164
No: 17

Brief additional comments:
> fm rather than ssb/cw uplink (more 2m fm rigs than ssb)
> a high-orbit mode-J bird.
> Mode K and/or mode T too (many said this)
> SEDSAT 1 launching July 18. 60 KHz of Mode A transponder (orbit/freqs ?)
> high (rs-15) orbit (many)
> suggest that HF beacons be added
> kinda UO-9, up higher with a transponder.
> also a 70cm SSB (& FM ?!?!) input/output as well
> one every 18 months
> need for ANALOG transponders, not just MODE A

These the raw results. I am doing a longer report for the next Oscar News.

Interestingly, the question was carried by SpaceNews and this route reached
some people who would otherwise not have seen it (thanks John). I find it 
interesting that the question did *not* appear in ANS ;)

What happens now ?  The results have gone to the man who wanted to know the
answers; if his decision is favourable I'm sure we'll all hear about it ...
watch this space.

Richard Limebear, G3RWL
Communications Officer, Amsat-UK