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UK: Drake converter source

The following is for amsat-bb subscribers IN THE UNITED KINGDOM ONLY
(to the rest of y'all: sorry for the bandwidth)

UK Amateurs will have seen the many messages about the Drake converter
which lots of the gang in the USA and elsewhere are buying up like they're
going out of style. You can now obtain one of these units from a UK source
but this is a one-time offer only; take it or leave it.

Further information about the unit and modifications is available from: 

The recent RSGB Microwave newsletter announced that G3PHO was considering
obtaining a bulk supply of the converters. This is now ON.

All-up price each is UK pounds 28 - in advance. Send to G3PHO who is QTHR; 
orders to arrive in his postal mailbox by friday 20th March. Cheques made 
payable to P. Day. Any profits (small - if any) will be sent to Amsat-UK's 
P3D fund. Since Peter will only send the order off after the above date, 
don't expect the converter to turn up one week later. Expected time-lag is 
three to four weeks.

If you include an SAE with the order Peter will use it to a) advise you
when the things are arriving, or b) send your cheque back if the whole
thing falls through. Peter's e-mail address is g3pho@geocities.com

As I said at the beginning, this offer is ONLY for people in the UK. If
you're in another country - sorry we can't help.

Richard W L Limebear G3RWL
FOC # 1188

          So many beautiful girls ..... (sob) so little time