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Asteroid information from Yahoo news

  Thursday March 12 8:02 AM EST 

  Asteroid on course for Earth

  BOSTON, March 12 (UPI) _ Astronomers say a mile-wide asteroid appears to
be on a course for a close
  encounter with Earth in 30 years, and that an impact is not out of the

  They say the recently discovered asteroid 1997 XF11 will come closer to
Earth in the year 2028 than any
  other known object in modern times. 

  Brian Marsden of the Cambridge, Mass.-based International Astronomical
Union tells The Boston Globe
  today that the ``chance of an actual collision is small, but one is not
entirely out of the question.'' 

  He said the Earth ``is really quite a small target,'' and that the
asteroids ``we don't see are the ones to
  really worry about.'' 

  He said based on current calculations, the asteroid will come to within
30,000 miles of Earth at 1:30
  p.m. Eastern Daylight Time on Oct. 26, 2028. 

  The asteroid was discovered on Dec. 6 by James Scotti of the Arizona-
based Spacewatch program,
  which was set up to look for space objects that could pose a threat to

  Marsden says more observations are needed to determine exactly how close
this asteroid will come. 

  The asteroid is expected to pass 6 million miles from Earth on Oct. 31,
2002, at which time Marsden
  says scientists will be making more detailed calculations about its

  If it were to hit earth, experts say it would do so with a force 2
million times that of the atomic bomb that
  fell on Hiroshima, and would create a crater 20 miles across if it hits


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