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Re: Satellite Lecture at Argonne Labs

I have but 1 question. Which Argonne Labs? (I live in east Idaho
approximately 100 miles east of the Argonne test site (the 1 that melted
down in the 60's) @ the INEEL. Is there more than 1?

Martin Davidoff wrote:

> QST Chicago Area
>      There will be a lecture on Satellites focusing on
> contributions of the Radio Amateur Satellite Program to the
> development of low cost space technology at Argonne
> National Laboratories on March 30 (Monday).  The talk
> is open to the public and free.
> Place: Argonne National Laboratories
>        Bldg 203 (Physics Bldg) Auditorium
>        Map at http://www.anl.gov
> Time: 2:00 - 3:00 pm
> Date: 30 March 1998 (Monday)
> Speaker: Martin Davidoff, k2ubc
>      Quote from Dr. Davidoffs student evalutions --
> "He's not a very exciting speaker but he seems to know his stuff
> and he generally makes it to class on time".
> de k2ubc

KC7YPJ, Ryan Dorman
ICQ #3834602