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Re: 9600baud questions....

> Yeah, OK, I guess the PBBS was really what meant 'packet' to me.  So,
> then most of the ALL traffic is, like, general broadcasts or something.
> Do people get annoyed if you chat using ALL broadcasts?  

A file addressed to "ALL" will be stored on the satellite just like any
other file, and typically downloaded by all groundstations accessing the
satellite provided their software is configured to automatically download
files addressed to "ALL".  The operation is not a real-time one like a
live "chat", but more like that of an FTP server, where users can leave
files for one another on a common system and download them when it is
convenient.  Stored files also carry an expiration date after which the
satellite may delete the file if the memory it is occupying is needed
for new files.

> Also, on packet, you can broadcast to, like, subject names, CQ or DEBATE
> or something.  Or is there any way to send a message, to like a mailing 
> list or group of people?  I assume if you put up a CQ message on a packet
> sattelite it would get downloaded to all the PBBBS's on the planet --
> right?  

All the sophistication involved in downloading particular messages resides
in the groundstation software, not the satellite.  If users decided they
wanted to start some sort of discussion group among themselves, they can
decided how they would like to address their messages, and configure their
groundstation software to automatically download those messages.  I have
yet to see this done, but it IS possible...

> It sounds like the most stuff of general interst are pictures and telemetry 
> -- and there's not much converstaion going on.  Are most of the
> people who play with these things moving traffic on and off from
> local PBBSs?  

If we're talking UO-22, then, yes, most of the activity is "gateway" traffic
in support of the Amateur Packet Radio Network.  LO-19 also carries a lot
of traffic for South America.  I'd say that most of the files on the
remaining satellites are two-way messages between groundstations, and
those messages could consist of text information, digital images (GIFs,
JPGs), executable files, or sound files.

There's a WORLD of difference between terrestrial BBS-style packet radio
communications and Pacsat satellites.  It's pretty hard to compare the two.

73, de John, KD2BD

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