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Satellite Lecture at Argonne Labs

QST Chicago Area

     There will be a lecture on Satellites focusing on
contributions of the Radio Amateur Satellite Program to the
development of low cost space technology at Argonne
National Laboratories on March 30 (Monday).  The talk
is open to the public and free.

Place: Argonne National Laboratories
       Bldg 203 (Physics Bldg) Auditorium
       Map at http://www.anl.gov
Time: 2:00 - 3:00 pm
Date: 30 March 1998 (Monday)

Speaker: Martin Davidoff, k2ubc
     Quote from Dr. Davidoffs student evalutions --
"He's not a very exciting speaker but he seems to know his stuff
and he generally makes it to class on time".

de k2ubc