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Drake 2880 available

Found an article on Usenet regarding availability of Drake 2880's.
Contact Bob Partain/WB5OHH at  the.partains@postoffice.worldnet.att.net

Some excerpts from recent conversation with Bob:

>>We currently have 24 dBi antennas. The one pictured in QST is
>>a 21 dBi. Pricing for ours is $59 including shipping.
>>We are purchasing some LNAs and will test them extensivly
>>before offering them for sale. Will not sell a unknown piece.

[r.e. downconverters}

>>We purchased 2000 of them in 1996 (late) for ATV use.
>>Most (all) that we sold last year were for that.
>>We have modified them extensivly here and disagree with
>>QSTs gain results. We have experienced gain of 22-23 db 
>>at 2400 MHz.

[r.e. 8 mHz xtals]

>>Not Stocking crystals at this time. All the bench time has been tied
>>up with testing units for sale. I have converted them extensively
>>including L.O. of 2000 MHz (for ATV) and 1968 MHz for the guys that wanted a
>>432 output for 2400. The gain is better this way as the IF 
>>is not being changed. The bandpass filter in the unit is quite broad.

>>The load capacity for the xtal is 15 pf   not 24 like the article
>>says. We spent the money last year to have the xtal analysed.

>>73 de Bob WB5OHH
>>        SCTV
>>Thank You for the enquiry.
>>73 de Bob WB5OHH